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Check out this page for Ladylaid Loves


Self Care: Starts at your toes

Everyone knows that self care is a must and that includes foot care. I recently received the toe separator by Pedicura for review and have been using it religiously.

◇ What it’s for ◇

Originally this is a way to help treat and prevent overlapping toes, hammer toe, bunions and heel pain due to inflammation of the connecting tissues (plantar fasciitis).

◇ What it does ◇

They were created to help relieve foot pain by stretching, spreading and exercising toes. Basicly, toe separators help:

• improve circulation

• realign toes
• improve balance and agility of movement.

◇ How to use ◇

Simply line up the separators between toes and slide on. Start by wearing for 10-15 minutes and work up to 1 hour.

☆ My Opinion ☆

+ The Positives +
These separators are:
♡ very comfortable
♡ easy to wear and walk with (with and without shoes)
♡ I use the separators during pedicures, since I’ve built up my resistance and can wear them for an hour.

– The Negative – (not really)

♤ During initial use (very first time I used) there was a little discomfort which is to be expected according to my podiatrist.

☆ Where you can find them ☆

*Received item free for review. *

Riwbox Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

These headphones are amazing!

The bass comes through awesomely. I love that if the battery is depleted while in use, I can still use these headphones with a 3.5mm audio cable (included). Also included is a USB to micro USB cable. It has an amazing range of 32 ft before sound starts to fail, and as soon as I got closer to my phone the sound comes back. Unlike most headphones, these have a microphone, so I can easily answer calls. Because of it’s Bluetooth capabilities, connecting to laptops or phones is effortless. You can use the Bluetooth or the MicroSD card to listen to music. The most amazing part is that you can also listen to regular radio! The only setback I noticed is a delay in video playback.
Besides the pink (pictured), these headphones come in various colors.
If you want a pair of your own you can get it from here:
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Ready Player One

First let me say that the book and the movie are equally adventure packed, but they differ in their starting points and sequence of events as well as character actions.

That being said I enjoyed reading the book. Cline keeps readers absolutely spellbound from the first page to the very last. The characters are so well developed that you will begin to immerse yourself in the world and take the adventure with the characters.

Spielberg submerges you into the vitual world from the beginning and takes you on an amazing rollercoaster ride of emotions and action. None of the innuendos or humorous situations are lost in the movie. So even if you had not read the book you are able to understand the concept.

The book is a must read and the movie is a definite must see!

♡A special thanks to Warner Bros. for the advance screening passes. ♡

☆As you all know I absolutely detest spoilers, so a much more in depth review and comparison may follow in a few months.☆


Tomb Raider


They say that curiousity killed the cat, but in this case this cat has more than nine lives. This movie, while being an origins story, is all action from start to finish. Being a Tomb Raider lover, I’ve always wondered what the back story was and how Lady Lara Croft became the badass that she is. The previous movies left so many questions unanswered:

● How did Lord Croft die?

● Why does Lara attract such mystery and intrigue?

● Why is Lara’s inner circle so small?

Well in this movie we are introduced to a younger Lara, played by Alicia Vikander, who is on a journey of self discovery and rebelling against authority. As the film unfolds, we get the answers to all of these questions and then some.

For those of you who don’t already know, I abhor spoilers, so I will not divulge the plot or give any further information. I will however say that this is an adrenaline junkie’s fantasies come true.

Ultimately, I would recommend this film for the gamers who want the backstory, adrenaline junkies, and anyone who loves mystery and intrigue. Definitely a must see in my opinion.

☆☆I want to thank for the advance screening guaranteed seats that I received through their contest. ☆☆

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Black Panther


I went to a matinee (AMC Pembroke Lakes 9) for Black Panther, and I must say that Marvel Studios outdid itself on this one. All True Believers will be happy to know that the studio stayed true, or as close as possible, to the comics.

Black Panther picks up where Captain America: Civil Wars ends. T’Calla (Chadwick Boseman) returns to Wakanda to claim the throne after the murder of T’Chaka, his father.


There he confronts the sins of his father, while discovering what type of king he wants to be. Along the way he faces betrayal, discovers new allies and realizes in what direction he wants to lead Wakanda.

This movie has something for everyone. It is:

– Action packed for my adrenaline junkies but I will not get into details since I abhor giving spoilers. *

– Displays advance tech that all my sci-fi fanatics would drool over. Again I will not spoil it for those who have yet to experience the wonders of Wakanda. *

–  A place where all my fashionistas (hair and muas and mues included) will rejoice and thrive.

Now while only five tribes co-exist in Wakanda, the movie uses inspiration from various African countries, the most recognizable being Surma and Mursi (Etheopia) lip plates worn by the River tribe elder (Isaach de Bankolé).


The uniforms of Okoye (Danai Gurira) and the Dora Milaje (guards) draw inspiration from the Massai (southern Kenya and northern Tanzania) with all it’s unique and futuristic details paired with the Ndebele neck rings.

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W’Kabi (Daniel Kaluuya) and those of the Border tribe were adorned by Basotho Blankets around their necks.


The shaman Zuri’s (Forrest Whitaker) robes, Agbada, are ornate with flowing wide sleeves and can be worn by women and men. These robes drew inspiration from West and North African style.


Ramonda (Angela Basset) regally displayed the Zulu Isicholo. This headdress shows her status as a married woman, but for Black Panther is symbolic of her crown.


Just as the costumes were inspired from African fashions, so was hair and makeup. This movie was not only a celebration of natural hairstyles but also a demonstration on the versatility and of black hair.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Shuri (Letitia Wright) sports braids while showing that individuality and style can vary within these constraints.


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Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o) shows versatility by going from knots to loose without heat.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Protective hair coverings and styles abound, further displaying numerous possibilities of natural hairstyles.

Ultimately, whether you are a True Believer, a lover the sci-fi, adrenalin junkie looking for a vicarious fix or fashionista looking to draw inspiration, Black Panther is a must see. (Several times)


Don’t forget to to let me know what you think. And as always, TTYL!


* I will not discuss these matters at this time. I will, however, go into more detail on the tech and action in another post.

** While the words are mine, I do not own the pictures.

Perfect in a NYE Crowd!


I recently got this purse because it it cute and convenient, but honestly, I had nowhere to wear it. Until tonight: New Years Eve. I will be attending the NYE Street Party in Fort Lauderdale, FL, where it is guaranteed to be crowded. With that in mind, I decided that added protection for my belongings would be needed. Then I thought of the perfect purse: Vitchello Numanni Sling Backpack!

This backpack is perfect for a crowded casual environment such as this NYE Street Party. The body strap is adjustable, so I can wear it as close or as loose as I’d like. I can wear it on my back or front or even crossbody. For tonight crossbody is the way to go, which will limit access from everyone except me.


The Vitchello Numanni Sling Backpack is also perfect as far as space is concerned. Along the side is a zipper that, once opened, reveals a spacious compartment with two pouches and a keyring on a clip. This compartment is spacious enough to hold my tablet, wallet, keys and camera.

I love the material on the outside because it is waterproof, which is much needed with Florida’s unpredictable weather. The front has another zipper that hides a smaller but still spacious compartment that will gold my small makeup case for touchups.


For all these reasons, I absolutely love the Vitchello Numanni Sling Backpack.   Now off I go to prep and primp for NYE.

Before I  go let me say a couple of things:

1) You can get your Vitchello Numanni Sling Backpack here:

2) I got this for free for demo purposes.


See you next time and year.